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Kalbi & Bulgogi – are they the same?

Sometimes people ask what is the difference between the Korean beef bar-b-q dishes: kalbi / galbi (갈비) and the more popular bulgogi (불고기). Before answering that question, first note that there are difference styles of both kalbi and bul-go-gi, and sometimes kalbi is not seasoned at all (which makes it, well, plain barbeque beef). Then it’s the side dishes – pan chan – that make it distinctly Korean. Panchan will be different from restaurant to restaurant, more than they will vary from dish-to-dish within a restaurant. Bulgogi is beef, usually loin, and kalbi is beef short ribs. Both can be made marinaded, in similar sauces. And a side sauce can be served with both. However, the side dishes (panchan) – things such as potato, or seaweed, and kimchi – are not related … Read entire article »

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Korean Waves Welcome

The website provides a place to learn, engage others, and see what events are happening related to Korean culture, language, food, sports, music, film, and more. This is our first practice quiz, and it may be one of the fastest Korean quizzes out there! 1. How fast can you speak Korean? What’s Korean? Slowly A little bit faster than slow Almost too quickly to be understood 2. If you were asked what is kamsahamnida, you would say…? I’ve never been to that country oh, thanks thanks – formal … Read entire article »

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