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KORUS Festival 2014 Guide (and Time Travel) – 코러스 페스티벌!

What is the awesome KORUS festival? Here is a full list of what is going on, with links to the places to learn even more!

First, the summary: 

The free KORUS festival (코러스 페스티벌) is happening September 19, 20, and 21 at Bull Run Park in Virginia, in the Washington DC area.  It is an outdoor festival celebrating Korean culture with artistic performances, cultural demonstrations, and vendors offering a variety of Korean-related and Asian-related food and merchandise.

This is the 12th year of the festival, the largest of its kind, and is run by KAAW, a non-profit organization located in Virginia. It is volunteer-run, with sponsors, donors and vendors keeping it a free festival. There is no cost for parking. Attendees should bring cash since many vendors are cash-only.

The acronym “KORUS” stands for “KORean” and “US“, linking the event’s intersection of Korean culture and the United States.

Second, the many activities and offerings:

The event schedule is online here.   The 2014 Festival Emcee is Famous Amos Yi.  You can view the preview video here.

Music performances by:

  • …and more!

Cultural performances:

  • Many cultural performances, including traditional Korean dance & music.

Kids Zone: The Korean Cultural Center’s Booths have activities to let you learn about Korean culture and play traditional games.

Hands-on: Make traditional Korean arts and crafts.

Rides and Games include: Extreme Air Bungee, and carnival style games “Ladder Climb”, “High Striker”, Football Toss, Bucket Toss, Crazy Driver, Ring Toss, 3-in-a-Row, and Cover The Spot.

Korean pop music (K-pop, or “Hallyu”) merchandise will also be available. There will be ATMs available on site.

Third, how to experience the festival:

Getting there: Bull Run Park is a large public park, and the special events area has free parking right next to the event.  GPS map links may show various locations, and to help us all out, the festival organizers have placed signs on the road showing the way to the festival.

Online: The event has online areas to experience the event, before, during and after.  Depending on the volunteer’s and wireless availability at the festival, you can expect posts about what is going on, and what happened, and what is scheduled next:

Time travel: The festival happens each year, so you can go back in time and look at past festivals.  if you are reading this in the future (how does that time machine work?), then look for the next event and check it out!


P.S. – Some more details, in Korean (The Korean alphabet is called hangul) – 특별 이벤트 센터- 불런 파크- 센터빌 -버지니아오시는 길: 불런 드라이브 입구는I-66를 타시다가 52번 (Rt. 29) 출구에서 빠지십시오. 남쪽방향으로 2마일 정도 가시다가 불런 우체국 도로 가시기 위해 좌회전하신 후 바로 오른쪽으로 불런 드라이브로 들어 오십시오. 고가도로 형식의 길로 I-66를 횡단하신 후 바로 좌회전 하셔서 특별 이벤트 센터 도로를 따르십시오. 이벤트센터는 2.5 마일 국도와 29 불런 우체국 도로의 교차점에서 위치하고 있습니다.페어팩스 카운티, 버지니아에서 진행되는 역사적인 사각형 모양의 거대한 평야에 위치한 특별 이벤트 센터는 열린 공간과 불런 지역 공원의 시골 풍경을 보존하도록 설계되어 있습니다.북 버지니아 지역 공원 당국은 북부 버지니아의 사람들을 위한 독특한 문화적 자원으로 특별 이벤트 센터를 개발 하였습니다. 그것은 개인, 상업 및 지역 사회 후원자에 의해 생성 된 다양한 활동과 행사를 위한 장소로 제공됩니다. 만 여명의 인원을 수용할 수 있는 특별 이벤트 센터에서는 이벤트 콘서트, 공예 박람회, 체육 대회, 서커스, 개 및 승마 쇼, 역사적 재연, 민족 축제 등을 참가 및 관람 하실 수 있습니다.

(And you can find others going, such as the Korean Waves meetup event, or take your friends/family to join in the fun!).

From the KORUS Festival 2014 poster:



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