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Korean Wave Flash Mobs Around the World

Someone commented about the cities this year where there have been Kpop flash mobs and dance demonstrations. The purposes of these events include getting attention to get more kpop in those cities, and just having fun.

People are making interesting 한류 (hallyu = Korean wave) shoutouts to the world that Kpop has fans in their towns. It seems to be “grass roots” and authentic… people are doing it on their own. If there are more from places like Washington, DC, Rio, and Bali, it could be the “video wave” of Korean pop going around the world… online!

Check out these videos of flash mobs and kpop dance demonstrations that happened recently… enjoy! 즐기십시요!

Paris – at the Louvre


Los Angeles (LA):

Rome at the Coliseum:

New York City:


Montreal Canada:

Korean News on flash mobs:


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