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Hyuna Bubble Pop viral video analysis – 버블 팝 -현아

The Korean music artist Hyuna (), part of the group 4Minute, has scored a huge internet success this month with Bubble Pop (written in Korean it is 버블 팝).

How huge?  Perhaps the most viral video so far from a Korean artist… In the first week it had millions of views, and now has had 8,635,312 views on YouTube. It had roughly a million views per day for several days, although the viral growth has slowed in the last two days.

Why so popular? A first analysis shows that the video has a clean look – simple visuals, bright colors – matching the bright lyrics and punchy sound of the song.

The song and dance moves are sure to generate video responses, cover versions, and keep 19-year-old Hyuna in the list of top Korean K-pop artists.

The song can be heard below:

The lyrics are in a mix of Korean and English. At least one English translation has been posted online.

While the video is popular, it will be another million views until it passes the video for Mr. Choi Sung-Bong, which currently is 9 million. This video was blogged about recently in Mr. Choi Sung-Bong sings on Korea’s Got Talent.


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