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KORUS Festival 2014 Guide (and Time Travel) – 코러스 페스티벌!

KORUS Festival 2014 Guide (and Time Travel) – 코러스 페스티벌!

What is the awesome KORUS festival? Here is a full list of what is going on, with links to the places to learn even more! First, the summary:  The free KORUS festival (코러스 페스티벌) is happening September 19, 20, and 21 at Bull Run Park in Virginia, in the Washington DC area.  It is an outdoor festival celebrating Korean culture with artistic performances, cultural demonstrations, and vendors offering a variety of Korean-related and Asian-related food and merchandise. This is … Read entire article »

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Korean Waves Welcome

The website provides a place to learn, engage others, and see what events are happening related to Korean culture, language, food, sports, music, film, and more. This is our first practice quiz, and it may be one of the fastest Korean quizzes out there! 1. How fast can you speak Korean? What’s Korean? Slowly A little bit faster than slow Almost too quickly to be understood 2. If you were asked what is kamsahamnida, you would say…? I’ve never been to that country oh, thanks thanks – formal … Read entire article »

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